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University of Chicago, Chicago, June 24-25, 2019

 Integration Of Metabolomics And Genomics To Discover Gene Function And Active Pathways


  1. Kathleen Beilsmith; The University of Chicago, Chicago.

  2. Wenchao Liu; The University of Chicago, Chicago.

  3. Di Zhang; The University of Chicago, Chicago.

  4. Chien-chia Chen;  University of Illinois, Chicago.

  5. Mirelle Takaki; Simon Fraser University, Canada.

  6. Alessandro Catenazzi; Florida International University, Miami.

  7. Laura Loca; University of Illinois, Chicago.

  8. Aaron Schirmer; Northeastern Illinois University/College of Arts and Science.

  9. Zhao Yingming; The University of Chicago, Chicago.

  10. Will LaFon; University of Illinois, Chicago.

  11. Ren Jinhong; University of Illinois, Chicago.

  12.  Eric Pierce; Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.

  13. Chase Clark; University of Illinois, Chicago.

  14. Gordon Luu; University of Illinois, Chicago.

  15. Antonio Hernandez; University of Illinois, Chicago.

  16. Sara Greenfield; University of California, Davis.

  17. Cynthia Grim; University of Illinois, Chicago.

  18. Falguni Paul; Florida International University, Miami.

  19. Cameron Ellis; University of Texas, El Paso.

  20. Danielle DeLeo; Florida International University, Miami.


  1. ​Oliver Fiehn; University of California, Davis.

  2. Chris Henry; Argonne National laboratories, Lemont, Illinois.

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